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Ellis in Transit are a British-Canadian indie rock band from Hamilton, Canada. The band was originally formed as an acoustic duo in Scotland, where Alexandria Shankland and Philip James performed across the UK before making their way to Canada. Not long after, bassist Francesco Citino and drummer Keagan Early helped branch Ellis in Transit into a full band, playing shows across Ontario. 

In June 2019, Ellis in Transit recorded their debut 5 track self-titled EP at Catherine North Studios. The first song, 'Thousand Feet Deep', attracted the attention of local Hamilton radio station Y108 and was featured in their Emerging Artist Showcase. Two years after recording their debut EP, Ellis in transit were back in the studio recording several new singles and gearing up for a second EP release. The first single,"Gucci Socialist", debuted on international airwaves the day of its release on Scotland's Mix 1 Radio, prompting its addition to EGH Radio's "The Unsigned Hour" and "Anne's Rock Show" along with multiple Spotify playlists. The music video for Gucci Socialist, the band's first video, is now available to watch on YouTube. 

Physical copies of Ellis in Transit’s debut EP are available on their website or at their live shows.  

There are moments [...] where I feel like I could be listening to this in a blues bar from an old movie and moments where I could be in the middle of an arena concert with a ripped tee-shirt” - Dropout Entertainment


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