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Ellis in Transit are a British-Canadian indie rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. Before moving to Canada and branching into a full band, Ellis in Transit started an acoustic duo in Scotland, playing local shows and writing music. Ellis in Transit are known for pairing powerhouse blues-rock vocals with Britpop 90s guitar riffs, creating a sound that is both unique and “dripping in nostalgia”. 

In June 2019, Ellis in Transit recorded their debut self-titled EP. Their first single 'Thousand Feet Deep' attracted the attention of local and international radio stations alike, prompting the band’s feature on Y108 Hamilton’s Emerging Artist Showcase. "[...] the whole vibe, from the lyrics, to the soundscape, to the vocals -- just grabs you and doesn't let you go." - Linda Garnett of 'Indie Music Women'. Ellis in Transit are currently in the studio and teasing the release of a new album with singles. The first single, "Gucci Socialist", debuted on international airwaves the day of its release on Scotland's Mix 1 Radio, prompting its addition to EGH Radio's "The Unsigned Hour" and "Anne's Rock Show”. This year the band were chosen to be a part of 97.7’s The RockSearch as well as 102.1 The Edge’s band opener contest. "Alexandria’s voice is a force – her distinct and powerful vocals make the band instantly recognizable, and they’re only just getting started". - Kristin Archer of 'I Heart Hamilton Radio'.  

Physical copies of Ellis in Transit’s debut EP are available on their website or at their live shows.  

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There are moments [...] where I feel like I could be listening to this in a blues bar from an old movie and moments where I could be in the middle of an arena concert with a ripped tee-shirt” - Dropout Entertainment


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